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Felted Sculptures
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Friday, May 18, 2012

OUR WINSLOW 1999-2012

When I first started dating my husband back in 2007 I went to his house for coffee one morning after the gym, when I got to the door I was greeted by Winslow, his Corgi. Rick opened the door and I exclaimed, " Oh My God, you have a corgi! I have a corgi! It was meant to be.

  Winslow and Maggie were like night and day as far as personalities go. I always said that Winslow was a dignified Eeyore and Maggie was Tigger all the way. They tolerated each other, sometimes they would fight, but most of the time they got along. Near the end, when Winslow wasn't doing so well Maggie changed. She became sullen and we would find the two of them with one or the other, resting their heads on the other's back. It makes me cry writing this, so so sweet.

  We understood that with Winslow being 13 and having issues that his time was limited, a very hard reality. I decided to make a felted Winslow so I could always have him with me, more than just a photograph.

  So I decided to felt him. It didn't take long but while I was felting the little Mini Me, I felt ( no pun intended), a sadness, maybe that is why I kept putting off making him.

  The picture with the two of them is in Maine at my parents home. Winslow really liked it there, he loved the ocean, the water, all of it. Winslow was named after a tug boat captain in Booth Bay so he comes by it naturally. :)  He wasn't feeling very well, I was hoping I could get him smiling the way he did and then the two of them would be spot on. Maybe it was just the dignified Winslow letting me know what he thought of having his picture taken with what was no more than a toy in his eyes. Dignified to the end.

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