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Felted Sculptures
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Monday, July 23, 2012

League of NH of Craftsman

First I have to tell you that I have a problem, I am a procrastinator!
I put off being juried by the League of NH Craftsman in February of this year. So when another opportunity came along I was ready! All except the fact that I was requested for jury duty at the same time and I don't think the Judge would let me out for this reason.

  The League was great about changing the date for me twice! Finally I went for my session, and I tried my best not to be nervous and not to feel to badly if I didn't make it. Many of Artists had told me not to be surprised if it took a couple of tries to get in.

 Well, I am proud to say that I made it! They loved my dancing pigs! So now I have to send two orders through the league and after that I am good to go.

 I  am also taking orders for these happy little dancers if anyone would like one. Just email me a terri@crowefence.com $80 ea. plus shipping.

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