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Felted Sculptures
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Twin Elm Farm

I am now renting space at Twin elm Farm( they have a facebook page and soon to have a website) in Peterborough NH. and selling my felted sculptures, some antiques and other wonderful things I have made from repurposed fence materials that I saved from Crowe Fence & Deck Supply. Instead of sending the old fence to the recycling center I find many different ways to use them.
I have made many american flags from it, in many different sizes.

Here I have used repurposed fence and made a wall hanging that can be used as a flower vase, kitchen utencil holder, you could use it in the bathroom for toothbrushes, hair accessories etc.

I have also used the same look and put antique twisted iron hooks in place of the mason jars.

This is a sign I made and the reaction to it has been great! Everyone remembers having this song sung to them, or they would sing it to their children. I used to sing it with my cousins when we were young, it brings back memories of long, hot summer days, swings, and lemonade.

   This a a view of my space at Twin Elm Farm, there are so many beautiful rooms full of antiques and vintage furniture and accessories, it's a fun and friendly place to shop!

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